Chilli Growing Kit

Chilli Growing Kit

SKU: 750260

Heat of Product : Mild to Very Hot

This Chilli Selection Growing Kit has everything you need to start growing four of the favourite chilli varieties, on a windowsill or in a greenhouse.  The kit includes 5 seeds of each variety; the chilli varieties range from mild to very hot.

Chillies are very rewarding plants to grow - they look great and can produce large crops. This kit contains all you need to grow your own chillies from seed in a snazzy gift box.

The kit contents:

1 x Propagator with lid (holds 8 compost plugs), 8 x coir compost plugs (peat-free), 4 x  plant labels, 1 x marker pencil. 1 x full instructions on the box, 4 x varieties of chilli seeds (5 seeds of each variety: 20 seeds in total - sent in silver foil pouches with the chilli variety printed on each).

Seeds Included:

Apache - Hot, Jalapeno - Medium, Razzamatazz - Hot, Habenero - Very Hot.

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