Heart & Home Pink Blossom - 2 Wick Ellipse Candle

Heart & Home Pink Blossom - 2 Wick Ellipse Candle

SKU: 720075

Layering dahlia and cherry blossom with deep but subtle hints of molten amber creates the most irresistible of bouquets. Imagine beautiful buds of cherry blossom and exotic dahlia, lightly touched by invigorating notes of anise and fennel. This is the aromatic experience you can look forward to with this unequivocally contemporary floral fragrance. 100% natural cotton wicks.   

Burn Time: Up to 40 hours. Fragrance: Dahlia, Cherry Blossom, Amber, Anise & Fennel. 

Material: Natural soy wax blend. Weight: 230g..

  • Care Instructions:

    Light both wicks to ensure candle burn evenly. Never move or re-light your candle until the flame is out and the wax completely solid. Keep your candles away from drafts and do not burn near any flammable material. Always use an appropriate holder on a stable, heat-resistant surface.