Heart & Home River Rock - 4 Wick Ellipse Candle

Heart & Home River Rock - 4 Wick Ellipse Candle

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Soft white musk sits a top a rich base of lush bergamot layered with zesty citrus and touches of white pepper. The woody earthiness of bergamot and oakmoss is subtly subdued by the addition of refreshing citrus and a sprinkle of white pepper – all brought together on a base of white musk.

Burn Time: Up to 30 hours. Fragrance: White Musk, Bergamot, Citrus, White Pepper & Oak Moss. 

Material: Natural soy wax blend. Weight: 420g..

  • Care Instructions:

    Light all wicks to ensure candle burn evenly. Never move or re-light your candle until the flame is out and the wax completely solid. Keep your candles away from drafts and do not burn near any flammable material. Always use an appropriate holder on a stable, heat-resistant surface.