Sleeping Draught - Apothecary Potion 30g

Sleeping Draught - Apothecary Potion 30g


"Something wicked this way comes".

Inspired by Harry Potter but anyone would appreciate these. Presented with an old fashioned scroll with a spell.

Coming to you in the form of "bath powder potions" in a cork fastened plastic test tube, containing a concentrated bath formula. Simply sprinkle powder into running water and recite spell as follows:

By the power within me

By the power of three times three

By the harnessed power of all I see

As this washes over me

As I will It

And so It shall be...

The bath formula is quite concentrated and will change the colour of the water, but don't worry water based colours have been used so they won't stain the bath and it will just wash away.

Softens skin beautifully without the "slip" often found with bath bombs.

Ingredients: Epsom salts, citric acid, bicarbonate of soda, cornstarch, goats milk powder, SLS powder, colour, parfum, cosmetic glitter.

Dimensions: 16cm x 1.5cm. Fragrance: French Lavender. Spell: Sleeping Draught. Weight: 30g. 

  • Care Instructions:

    Rinse bath well after use.

  • Caution:

    Not suitable for under 36 months.

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