Village Candle French Macaroon - 26oz Large Candle Jar

Village Candle French Macaroon - 26oz Large Candle Jar

SKU: 663999

Dancing Daisies 26oz Candle Jar by Village Candle.

There are no limits to the delights of a Parisian pastry shop.  The pop art confections in every hue, the irresistible possibilities for texture and taste, and the pleasures of surprising flavors. We set out to recreate this perfect mingling of elegance and whimsy with French Macaroon. With a nod to traditional French ingredients we’ve whipped up an addictive fragrance sprinkled with notes of vanilla, cream and coconut. We’ve also added a hint of musk to serve up a deeper richness, and an even more decadent experience for the senses.

Each candle jar has at least two wicks. The wicks are made from solid cotton. A candle jar with two wicks burns cleaner and generates less soot than the single wick style. They generate more light, less wax residue and pure clean fragrances. Designed and manufactured in the USA. Highest quality fragrance oils.

Material: High grade food quality paraffin wax. Burn Time: Up to 170 hours.Weight: 26oz.