Village Candle Magic Spell - 26oz Large Candle Jar

Village Candle Magic Spell - 26oz Large Candle Jar

SKU: 664146
Magic Spell 26oz Candle Jar by Village Candle.
Dark, mysterious moonlight captivates as you are now under our magic spell. Cast a spell as this magical effect invokes a vision of enchanted apples, dark blue hibiscus and a warm splash of ocean water. This unexpected chant enlightens and uplifts through innocent petals of white gardenia and a subtle velvet curtain of clean musk that bewitches your journey of intrigue and taboo light.

Each candle jar has at least two wicks. The wicks are made from solid cotton. A candle jar with two wicks burns cleaner and generates less soot than the single wick style. They generate more light, less wax residue and pure clean fragrances. Designed and manufactured in the USA. 

Highest quality fragrance oils. Fragrance - Apples, Hibiscus and Ocean Water.

Material: High grade food quality paraffin wax. Burn Time: Up to 170 hours.Weight: 26oz.