Yankee Candle Delicious Guava - Large Candle Jar 623g

Yankee Candle Delicious Guava - Large Candle Jar 623g

SKU: 005119

Bring the heat of a tropical summer into your home with this sensual range of fragrances from Yankee Candle, The Havana Collection. Viva Havana is a suave and sophisticated scent, with a nostalgic blend of sandalwood and spices over vanilla, evoking a strong sense of the old city of Havana.The delicious fragrance of fresh juicy Guava fruit with a lush tropical scent combines top notes of Bergamot and lemon with a fruity middle layer of peach, guava and mango over a sugary base. The intoxicating exotic fragrance will be released as this peach-coloured candle burns.

A fabulous gift for a friend or a treat for yourself.

Material: Premium-grade paraffin wax. Burn Time: 110-150 Hours. 


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