Folkestone Monopoly

Folkestone Monopoly

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MONOPOLY has made its way to the diverse city of Folkestone.

This historical harbour and shipping port will reveal all it's most beautiful places, from The Leas to the charming Old High Street and Radnor Park.

Pass GO and begin your journey up Foord Viaduct and Martello Tower. Discover a piece of the city's history by visiting Folkestone Museum, the Old Fire Station and Memorial Arch.

Roll the dice and land on your favourite luxury hotels, The Grand and Burlington Hotel.

Your journey doesn't end until you take a trip by Leas Lift to the unique clifftop promenade!

Contents: Gameboard, 6 x bespoke tokens, 28 x title deed cards, 16 x chance cards, 16 x community chest cards, 1 x pack of monopoly money, 32 x houses, 12 x hotels, 2 dice and instructions. Age: 8+.

Players: 2-6.